Our main affinities are with:

…but we support all like-minded organisations. Here are some addresses that might be useful.


LGBT+ Religious and Spiritual Organisations:

Sybils: Spirituality for Transgender people:

Accepting Evangelicals

Christians at Pride: March by Christians

Diverse Church: With an important appeal to younger LGBT+ people as well as one for older people now

Faith and Pride in Northern Ireland:


Local worship in the Catholic tradition:

Michaelmas Community (part of the United Ecumenical Catholic Church) – based in Gosport:

Roman Catholic: Quest:

Affirming Catholicism: Inspiration and Hope in the Anglican Communion:


Methodist: Outcome


Metropolitan Community Church:

Church of Scotland:

United Reform Church: for information see:

Salvation Army (Hub):

Major religions other than Christian:

Gay and Lesbian Jewish

Islam: For information see:   and

Hindu and Vaishnana:

Sikh (Sarbat):

Humanist: Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association:

Other Issues:

Health issues for LGBT+ people

We support Trans people and admire the work of Crysalis

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