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Meetings usually at address above which has one small step.

We usually begin with news of our community, prayers, then a speaker, followed by discussion and a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits.

A warm welcome to all, in a friendly long-established group. Meetings usually 2nd Wednesday in the month at 1930


Date Activity /Theme Speaker or organiser
Wed Jan 10th “Women Speak” An hour of men being silent while women speak Stella Wiseman: facilitator
Sun  Jan 14th 2pm with Gemma Burford Song Circle:” inclusive Christian worship songs, along with other songs that are more broadly about empowerment, inclusion, courage, confidence-building; all very low-key – no instruments, no microphones, no ‘performance’, just people singing together in a circle as they would have done in Jesus’ time!” 
Wed Feb 14 A meal after the style of “Open Table” All of us
Wed March 14 Simple but difficult solutions to the problems of Anglicanism in 2018 Laura Sykes
Wed April  11 ‘The journey of a bisexual pilgrim – some milestones of personal experience and evolving societal change’. David Bailey
Sat  April 21st Outing to Lyme Regis for lunch and to Whitchurch Canonicorum. Nick Brown
Wed May 9 Speaker from My Umbrella “Putting the Plus in LGBT+” Freyja
Wed June 13 Worship Bishop Jonathan of Southampton
Wed July 11th “Something on our minds and hearts at this time.  Discussion led by Pat Oliver (Community Minister at Avenue St Andrews and Freemantle URC) and Wendy White.
Wed Aug  8 Trip on a veteran bus David Hutchings
Sat August 25th Southampton Pride
Wed Sept  12 ‘Outward-looking Christians’ Revd Dr Sarah Hall
Wed Oct 10 Robert Shaw’s novel about a Christian Socialist vicar, “The Flag” Adrian Risdon
Wed Nov  14 Worship: a preparation for Christmas Mark Metcalfe
Wed Dec  12 Annual Christmas Party: Fabulosa Arranged by David Blunt


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Date Activity /Theme Speaker or organiser
Wed Jan 9 Thoughts about LGBT+ and God Martin Chantler
Wed Feb 13


‘Trans-figuration: a transgender reflection on the power of Resurrection’ Robyn Golden Hann
Saturday Feb 23 Hampshire Pride in Winchester- we are glad to have been asked to support this event.
Wed March 13 ‘The journey of a bisexual pilgrim – some milestones of personal experience and evolving societal change’. Part Two       David Bailey
Wed April  10 My Journey and yours in faith and spirituality. Revd Peter Leonard, Portsmouth Cathedral
Wed May 8 My faith journey as it coincides with my sexual identity. Matthew Crisp
Wed June 12  ‘Reflection on 25 years of women’s ordination: what has changed?’ The very Revd Catherine Ogle, Dean of Winchester
Thursday July 11 Visit to St Nicholas’ and St Michaels And All Angels Hosted by Revd Sheena Williams
Wed Aug  14


 About declaring a view of same sex marriage in an evangelical community and its results Peter Wilkinson.
Sat August  24 Southampton Pride
Wed Sept  11


Unitarians believe in  Equality, Freedom and Justice”  Angelica Kennard,  Unitarian Celebrant and Lay Leader, Edmund Kell Unitarian Church, Southampton
Wed Oct 9


“Changing memory and redeeming love”: an exploration some of the questions and feelings around our memories and how we live with fragility and humanity. James Woodward, Principal, Sarum College
Wed Nov  13


A group observed: a discussion about Claire’s MA dissertation based on interviews of group members Claire St John Eve
Wed Dec 11 Party; a lovely friendly low key bit of fun David B